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Cedar Branches (Sukkahs), Balsam Branches, Fraser Branches, etc...

We can furnish you with bundles of branches for resale to use in the building of sukkahs. We offer white cedar or norway spruce as materials. 

We take care to choose only younger branches on trees that are healthy and full which gives you an ideal cover for the roof of your sukkah and also allows the tree to replenish itself with new branches and remain a renewable supply.

Another product available is birch poles which can be used in the structure of the sukkah. Different lengths are available

This can be a very profitable short term business venture. We ask that only those interested in wholesale contact us.

You may also be interested in selling bundles of brush for craft enthusiasts who like to create their own home decorations. We offer cedar, balsam, fraser along with other varieties of evergreens as well!

Branches are approx. 36" long and tied in bundles that weigh approx. 30-35 lbs. The branches are cut and bundled as close to shipping date as possible to ensure freshness.

We are also offering smaller bundles weighing 2 lbs with branches that are 30" long. These smaller bundles are popular due to their size making them easy to display and for clients to take home and create with.

There are approx. 1500 of the 30-35 lb bundles on a truckload. Half loads are also possible, please feel free to inquire and we will try to accommodate you.

We are experienced at shipping and can offer competitve rates as well as on time delivery. We also take care of all documents and paperwork for exporting to the US. Regardless of where you are in North America, we can supply you with fresh boughs.  Please contact us for information concerning overseas orders.